Skoli’s II Pick ’em Pool


It looks like three people are starting to pull away from the rest of the pack as John, Brittney, and Alia are all 5 or more games ahead of everybody else.  Week 10 saw Al Conquistador hit for the second time this season, so his prize bank goes up to $10.  He joins Jake as the only people to have won more than 1 week in the Pick ’em Pool.  Ryan S., John, Baker and Becca are the only four people who have yet to bank any weekly money.  Prize banks look like this:

Jake – $10
Al – $10
Alia – $5
Brittney – $5
Ryan J. – $5
Kyle – $5
Jason – $5
Stacy – $5

The overall winner at the end of the NFL season will bank an additional $35!  Prize banks will be paid out at the end of the NFL season, or can be carried over and applied to next year’s fees, if preferred.  Let’s take a look at the overall standings as of today (includes Thursday night game picks):

1. John (92-55)
2. Britt (91-56)        -1
3. Alia (90-57)         -2
4. Stacy (85-62)      -7
5. Baker (85-62)      -7
6. Jake (84-63)         -8
7. Ryan S. (82-65)   -10
8. Becca (82-65)      -10
9. Jason (79-68)      -13
10. Al (78-69)          -14
11. Kyle (78-69)      -14
12. Ryan J. (74-73) -18

Don’t forget to make your picks for week 11.  And don’t forget to click “Minnesota” in that matchup.


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