Is a Hash-Oil Fire Erupting?


The ChicagNO Hash-Oilers have been the talk of the league all season.  However, as we approach the end of the season those talks have turned from perfection to a possible playoff upset as the Hash-Oilers have dropped two straight, to end their perfect streak and fall to 10-2 overall.

undertaker streak

Not since the Undertaker have we seen a streak as dominant as the one Kyle’s Hash-Oilers went on this season.  Not only did they start 10-0, but after 10 weeks the Hash-Oilers were 105 points ahead of the next best team, with a ridiculous 141.5 points per game.  This wasn’t a case of matchup heaven, the Hash-Oilers were dominating everybody that stepped in their path.

But then the anomaly that was week 11 happened.


Playing the part of Brock Lesnar would be Cant Touch These TDs, as Brittney’s team would shock the league and upset the Hash-Oilers, 105.73 to 85.54.  The Hash-Oilers put up their worst performance of the season in this one, averaging a mere 7.77 points per starting position.

streak ender

But was this truly a sign of weakness for ChicagNO?  Not necessarily.  Week 11 was the worst overall week in Skoli’s II this season, seeing 4 teams score in the 80s, and only 2 teams scoring more than 120 points.  This was a bad fantasy week all around, and the Hash-Oilers would be a part of those unfortunate scores.  Only two of their players (John Brown and LeSean McCoy) beat their projections, and top TE Rob Gronkowski had an unusually quiet week (3.7 points).  Perhaps this was merely an off week and Kyle’s Hash-Oilers would bounce right back in week 12?

Well, that would be partly true.  ChicagNO would indeed bounce back in week 12, scoring the 4th-highest point total of the week (138.88 points).  However, this week it would be the matchup that turned a loss into a losing streak, as the Hash-Oilers went up against the top scoring team of the week, Ryan Jensen’s Clay Matthews Band (163.94).  CMB’s Russell Wilson would put up his 2nd straight huge game, scoring a league-high 38.2 points in the contest.  Russell appeared very pleased with himself after putting a hurt on ChicagNO.


So the Hash-Oilers, after an impressive 10-0 start, have lost two straight and now sit at 10-2.  While there is reason to be concerned, this blogger doesn’t see it as a time to panic.  They still have a solid stable of QBs and RBs, and though big scorin’ Gronk is on the bench with an injury, Kyle Rudolph has a high ceiling and could be an admirable fill-in for the duration of Gronk’s knee injury (which could only be 1 game).  Additionally, during their 2-game losing streak, the Hash-Oilers have actually ADDED to their overall points lead, moving from 105.08 points up on 2nd place Becca after week 10, to 107.12 points up on 2nd place Stacy after week 12.  They have had the Bon Division sewn up since the conclusion of week 10, and are guaranteed to be the #1 seed in the playoffs still.  The road to the title goes through ChicagNO, and they aren’t going to back down easily.  A hot team like Eagle Zipper Hero or Pack That Ass Up could grab the 4th playoff spot, and would make for a tough 1st round matchup against the King of the Hill, but no matter what happens in weeks 13 and 14, expect a big playoff push from the team that has been dominating the league all season.  When this year is all said and done, we might just be lighting up some big dabs of Hash-Oil.



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