2015 S2FL MVP: Cam Newton

The inaugural season of our MVP award was a pretty open race after week 10.  But by the time the season was over, it was no question.  Ladies and gentlemen, the 2015 S2FL MVP is CAM NEWTON!

cam newton fire

Eagle Zipper Hero owner Christopher Baker was ecstatic to make Cam Newton a FIFTH ROUND pick at the 2015 Draft.  Kelvin Benjamin’s season-ending ACL tear scared a lot of people away from the Carolina offense, but Baker saw the potential in perennial fantasy star Newton and reaped the benefits all season long.  Newton’s stats for the season look like this:

378.36 points (25.22 ppg), 1st OVR in the league
3,544 yards – 33 TDs – 626 Rushing Yards – 8 Rushing TDs

Over Last 4 Games:
126.02 points (31.51 ppg), 1st OVR in the league
1,078 yards – 13 TDs – 199 Rushing Yards – 1 Rushing TD

Cam’s season propelled Eagle Zipper Hero to the playoffs and a 2nd straight Skol Bowl berth, and I have a feeling he will be drafted MUCH higher next year.  Since he’s introduced the world to dabbing, I think he’d be a perfect fit as a Hash-Oiler.


Dab on, Cam.  Our 2015 S2FL MVP!


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