Updated League Legend Standings

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With the conclusion of the 2015 season, the League Legend standings saw a lot of moving happen all over the board.  Let’s take a look at where we stand, and how things differ from where we were a week ago:

Full standings board can be viewed on Google Drive by clicking the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1exfn1xIEJRSiF5QOFnq-4XpOO29Ej5JhvleQOY0684s/edit#gid=1818566281


  1. JASON GAYDOS (+20) – 48 points – (up 1 place, from 2nd)
  2. STACY SWENSON (+8) – 36 points – (stays in 2nd)
  3. AL SWENSON (+3) – 33 points – (down 2 places, from 1st)
  4. KYLE ADAMS (+12) – 31 points – (up 3 places, from 7th)
  5. (4t) RYAN SWENSON (+5) – 31 points – (stays in 4th)
  6. JAKE WILSON (+6) – 30 points – (stays in 6th)
  7. (6t) CHRISTOPHER BAKER (+15) – 30 points – (up 3 places, from 9th)
  8. JOHN SWENSON (+2) – 27 points – (down 3 places, from 5th)
  9. RYAN JENSEN (+7) – 25 points – (down 1 place, from 8th)
  10. ALIA SWENSON (+4) – 18 points – (stays in 10th)
  11. BRITTNEY HANSEN (+1) – 15 points – (down 1 place, from 10th)
  12. DREW BROWNING (-) – 12 points
  13. BECCA BAKER (+10) – 10 points
  14. JIM PFAFF (-) – 1 point
  15. (14t) JEFF HITCHCOCK (-) – 1 point

The biggest change is obviously that we have a new League Legend!  Jason is at the top by a large margin now, and it will take a disastrous season from him next year for him to lost the title.  With a 12 point lead ahead of Stacy, we could be entering the Age of Jason.

The biggest movers up the board were Kyle and Baker, whose 3rd and 2nd place finishes respectively moved both of them up 3 places in the standings.  John had the longest drop down the board, after 11th place only netted him 2 points, and saw him move from 5th place to 8th.

With only 8 points separating 3rd and 9th, so many owners could make a big move up the standings next season with a 1st place finish.  Can Stacy or Al pull it off and bump the King off the hill?  Only 12 more months to find out!……. sigh………..


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